About the authors

Sheila in San Diego
Sheila J. Henderson now lives in New York City with her husband. Formerly Sheila and her husband lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. There as Interim Associate Provost, Sheila led inter­cultural diversity initiatives at Alliant International University. Af­ter studying economics at Simmons College and receiving an MBA from University of Chicago, she worked in con­sulting, finance, and business process innovation. Following her PhD in counseling psychology from Stanford University, Sheila won the Hans Sauer Foundation award for her re­search on inventors. Sheila’s unifying career theme is coaching people and organizations to full creative potential.
Rosemarie K. Moore, who passed away in 2015, had lived in Tucson, Arizona with her husband. Rosemarie’s rich background included teaching in California public schools, and advanced degrees at Stanford Univer­sity. Her MA in educational psychology and PhD in devel­opmental and clinical psychology led to university teach­ing at Stanford University and University of Santa Clara, to educational program development in public schools, and to clinical supervision for graduate interns as group leaders of students. As a clinical psychologist in private practice, she worked with children, families and professionals for 25 years in Palo Alto, California. Rosemarie is dearly missed by so many.

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