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Teachers and parents:

This blog is designed to support your use of our two books:  Fostering Inventiveness in Children and Invention Friday Curriculum: Grades 2-5.

We wrote these books to share with you what we have discovered about fostering inventive spirits in children. Through teach­ing children to invent, you may see a transformation in the way they view their world: Problems become opportunities for invention; math and science become knowledge they want. To illustrate, we tell stories about chil­dren who have invented, what adult inventors did as children, and what you can do to foster inventive talent in children. Fostering inventive­ness is one way to build children’s confidence in learning and to help them connect how their learning can change the world.


Book 1 coverThe first book, Fostering Inventiveness in Children, is a fun book that reviews the meaning of invention and design, discusses children who have invented, and programs around the U.S. that are designed to encourage young people to invent.  We also cover some the psychology of invention, the importance of play, and how to support young children’s quest for creative achievement.

2nd book cover final proofThe second book, Invention Friday Curriculum: Grades 2-5, offers a curriculum for young students that conforms to California education standards. The curriculum is designed for the busy teacher or time-constrained parent who has little time to spend on planning projects over and above what it takes to run a classroom or a home. This easy-to-follow curriculum designed to help you move from book-to-activity is organized into five sections:

  • The Nature of Invention
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Learning the Process of Invention
  • Brainstorming and Prototyping
  • Building your Invention

Each section is divided up into subsections with individual lessons that could be taught on a Friday afternoon—36 lessons in total, including four celebration parties and the final Young Inventors Day. The Friday afternoon concept (thus Invention Friday Curriculum) was inspired by Science Friday put on by National Public Radio. Each section contains an evaluation sheet to track your students’ progress and all the parent letters and forms you will need.

For your convenience, please see the “Hotlinks” and “Forms” tabs for a list of all Internet links and forms as you read through both books. This should save you a lot of time when conducting the lessons.

Rosemarie and I are interested in your experiences as you read these books and use the curriculum. Please tell us about your thoughts, your endeavors, and share with us you suggestions and feedback.

Sheila J. Henderson and Rosemarie K. Moore

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